Memorial Inscriptions from Old Dilton

These records were on an old newspaper clipping in a little envelope in Trowbridge Record Office. The date given for the publication of the paper is around 1930. I have copied out the entire article as in the paper.

Recording Interments inside the building, copied verbatim from ancient records

In the Chancel
Here lyeth the body of John Wilkins of Dilton, clothier, who died May 28th 1730 aged 81 and a half years, "The stone that here doth cover me, still let it do till raised I be.- J.W."
Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Wilkins, the wife of John Wilkins, gent, who departed this life November 1st, 1723, aged 63 years.
Here lyeth the body of Thomas Hanson, who died May 28th, 1707, aged 79 years. Also of William Hanson, who died July 16th, 1713, in his infancy.
Here lyeth the body of John Haytor, gent, who died February 1st, 1738, aged 58 years. Also Thomas Haytor, gent, who died July 29th, 1739, aged 93 years.
Edward Line, who died April 20th, 1744 aged 70 years. Also Mary the wife of John Tripp, who died October 20th, 1763, aged 80 years, interred in the east end of the chapel.
Here lyeth the body of Anthony Self, Yeoman, a benefactor to the poor of the chapeltry of Dilton, who died the 11th day of June, 1739, "Blessed is he who remembereth the poor". Interred near the pulpit.
Here lyeth the body of ? Earnly, who died August 7th, 1675.

Interment in the North Aisle
In memory of Ann, wife of Richard Kynton, who died August 3rd, 1670, aged ?

Tablets and Monuments in the church.
In memory of Ann Gerrish, who died December 24th, 1777.
In memory of Phillip Blatch, senr., who died March 7th, 1788, aged 56 years. In memory of Margaret Blatch, the wife of Phillip Blatch, who died April 18th, 1793 aged 66. In memory of Elizabeth Blatch, their daughter, who died May 17th 1782 aged 25 years.
Monument to William and Hannah Grant, his widow who lies in a grave at the west end of the north aisle. In memory of William Grant of Brokers Gate, in this Chapelry, who died December 2nd, 1769, aged 46 years. Also in memory of Hannah Grant his relict who died September the 3rd 1802, aged 82 years.

The following had head stones or tombs erected in the churchyard:-
Here lyeth the body of John Wilkins (old Goldsburg) who died February 7th, 1767, aged 66 years. Here lyeth the body of John Wilkins (young Goldsburg), who died August 30th, 1767 aged 39 years.
Richard Earnly, who died January 13th, 1786 aged 84 years. Mary Earnly his wife, died July 4th, 1761 aged 57 years.
Abraham Holloway, of Leigh, died September 12th, 1778 aged 66 years. Hannah, his wife who died August 24th 1773, aged 55 years. John, their son, died February 12th, 1780 aged 22 years. Sarah, their daughter, who died October 6th, 1782 aged 38 years.
Sarah White who died 1734 aged 62 years. Christopher White who died October 1762 aged 80 years.
Edward Grist who died September 30th, 1784 aged 74 years. Marjory, his wife, who died January 23rd 1777, aged 68 years. Mary their daughter who died ?
Thomas Flower, writing master, of Leigh, who died November 2nd, 1739 aged 71
Eleanor Eyres, who died May 15th 1735, aged 55 years. Thomas Eyres, her husband, who died February 5th, 1735 aged 55 years. Also Thomas Eyers, who died July 6th, 1756, aged 41 years.
John Grant who died October 23rd, 1778, aged 88 years. Also two of his children who died in infancy.
Sarah Clifford, who died March 25th, 1765, aged 35 years, beloved wife of Robert Clifford of Leigh.
Edmund Eyres of Leigh, who died April 17th, 1791, aged 68 years. Also Robert Eyres, his son, who died in Ireland, July 19th, 1795 aged 32. These in terments are under a raised tomb.
John Wilkins of Dilton Marsh, shopkeeper who died February 10th 1803, aged 76 years. Also Ruth, wife of John Wilkins, near this grave lies buried his father, mother, three brothers, four sisters and eight children.
Samuel, son of John and Ruth Wilkins, died June 20th, 1734. Also William, their son October 9th, 1734.
Richard Harris, of Dilton, who died May 28th, 1777 aged 45 years. Near this place lyeth the bodies of his grandfather, father and his wife Ann Harris.
Near the Yew Tree is the tomb of the Hare family, formerly of Chapmanslade.
Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Bell, who died February 18th, 1742 aged 18 years.
Here lieth the body of Thomas Hill, of Wanstrow, who died February 2nd, 1781, aged 47 years. Also, Elizabeth, his daughter, two infants, one died in the year 1767, the other 1777. Thomas Hill, his son who died February 22nd, 1786 aged 16 years. James Hill, his other son, died June 2nd 1801, aged 42 years.
Here lieth the body of Michael Curtis, who died December 18th 1739 aged 71. Also Ann, his wife, who died November 13th, 1741 aged 72 years. Also Sarah, wife of William Plank, who died February 16th, 1763 aged 58 years. Also two daughters of William and Hester Ball, died 1780 the other 1781.
Here lieth the body of William Hayward of Marsh, died March 16th, 1779 aged 68. Also Sarah his wife, who died January 16th, 1776 aged 51 years.
In memory of William Plank, junior, died July 20th 1744, aged 36 years.
Here lieth the body of Rachel Hooper of Marsh, daughter of William and Betty Hooper of Marsh, who died April 20th 1787, aged 17 years. Also William Hooper senior, who died December 24th 1804, aged 70 years.
John Harris, butcher of Westbury Leigh, who died September 1st 1759, aged 50 years.
Jane Kempt of Leigh who died January 22nd 1752, aged 48 years. Also William Kempt her husband, who died March 2nd, 1786 aged 70 years.

Interred in a grave with a large tomb, opposite the great door. Thomas Hill, died July 1st, 1719 aged 88 years. Thomas Hill junior, died March 5th, 1747 aged 68 years. Thomas Hill, his son died January 30th 1776 aged 34 years. Betty Hill the wife of Thomas Hill, died July 24th 1789, aged ?

Betty Phillippe Hill the daughter of Thomas and Betty Hill, married the Rev. Thomas Cripps, of Corsley, Wilts, and died March 19th, 1792 aged 25 years and was buried at Dilton.
Under the parsonage house window in Dilton Churchyard is the vault of the Woodyear family, clothiers and shopkeepers, of Westbury Leigh, in which are buried:- Thomas Woodyear, senior and Elizabeth his wife, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah and Hannah Ballerd, their daughters, also Thomas Woodyear their son.
On the wall of the northeast side of the chancel, were the monuments of the Mattock and Minety families, now taken down (1824) when the new vestry and schoolroom was built. John Minety died July 14th 1735, aged 60. May, his daughter who was the first wife of Trench Mattock, died July 23rd 1741 aged 31 years. Also Trench Mattock and Robert his son, and Mary Randall, sister of Trench Mattock.
Grave stone on the east side of the south porch in Mary of Mary, wife of William Withey, who died June 6th, 1738 aged ? Also near this place lieth the body of John, infant son of Paul and Mary Lawes, stone mason, who died October 27th, 1729. It is supposed the Paul Lawes married Mary, daughter of William Withey, near which is the headstone (broken) in memory of Anthony Hill and Mary his wife. He died February 25th 1751.
The foregoing all had grave stones or other monuments, I suppose in 1804, when the new vestry was built.
How many hundreds were buried at the Dilton Church, I cannot tell, not having any records. Dilton, Upton Scudamore and Westbury, were the only grave yards for the whole district for many hundred years, until Westbury Leigh and Penknap Baptist Chapels were built, and the new Dilton Marsh church built and opened in 1844. I well remember seeing it built and opened.
The anonymous lady who defrayed the cost of new roof and other restoration work a few years ago deserves our gratitude. - I am yours,


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