The People of Dilton and Dilton Marsh

I am amazed at the amount of people who contact me about Dilton and Dilton Marsh, when I put together these pages, I thought that my photographs and small amount of information might just interest one or two others, and have been really happy to find so many people who are researching their own families and the local history of the area.

This section is home to the ever growing researchers list, check it out and see if anyone else is interested in the same family names as you, you may well find a link.

If you would like me to list your surname interests in the area, complete the form on the researchers list page and after checking they will be added to the list. If you have any interesting family stories, photographs etc that you think would interest other researchers, contact me. After all our ancestors lived, worked and worshipped together, so anything that helps build up a picture of life for them is a benefit to us all.

Bremeridge Manor - contributed by Evan Morgans
Five Lords Farm
Dead Maids Farm
Applegate Family History
Memories of Dilton Marsh - contributed by David and Hubert Applegate
My Family Research in the area - JACKSON, JONES, HUNT, HALES, BROWN
List of researchers with interests in the area


The Villages of Dilton and Dilton Marsh