Dilton and Dilton Marsh

These pages are devoted to the local and family history of Dilton and Dilton Marsh. I hope to be able to bring together people who are researching the villages and make a resource for all who are interested in the villages and the people of Dilton and Dilton Marsh.

These pages include my personal research on the area and families related to myself, also information provided by other researchers. If you have an interest in the Villages I hope that you find these pages of interest. Even better, if you have any information on the villages, photographs or family stories I would love to include them here. Please Email me if you can help.

If you are researching a family or individual in the area, be sure to check out the List of researchers. These are all people who are researching families with links to the Villages.

I have a microfiche transcript of the Dilton Baptism and Burial Records, transcribed by the Wiltshire Family History Society. I am willing to do look ups from that. Email me with reasonably specific information. You can purchase these transcripts in fiche or book form from the WFHS. Details are on their website.

Recent Updates and site news

Dilton Marsh's own web site
I have just discovered Dilton Marsh's very own local web site and it is well worth a visit, as there is loads of local information and some photos of Dilton Marsh today - http://www.diltonmarsh.org

List of researchers
Don't forget to check out the researchers list - you might find a distant relative among the researchers there, or add the family names that you are interested in.

Postcard of St Mary's Church, Old Dilton
I have added a postcard picture of St Mary's Church to the Villages section.


The Villages of Dilton and Dilton Marsh