Five Lords Farm

Five Lords Farm stands on the road from Dilton Marsh to Frome. My Jackson ancestors lived and worked the farm in the middle of the 19th century.

Five Lords Farm

When myself and my mother visited Dilton Marsh we were lucky enough to meet the present owners who were happy to let us have a look around and take these photographs. They told us that they have many people coming looking at the farm and asking about the Jackson family! I left my contact details and have since got in touch with other researchers (distant cousins!) through our connection to this farm.

Below is some of the research I have done centered around this farm and my family's time there.

Five Lords Farm - Westbury Tithe Award 1842
Owner - Henry Gaisford Gibbs Ludlow
Occupier - Thomas Jackson

Ref Name Type Acres Roods Perches
1527 Allotment Arable 6 1 2
1528 Five Lords Piece Pasture 11 3 17
1529 Homeground Pasture 8 2 12
1530/31 Five Lords Farmhouse and Garden     2 55
1532 Young Orchard Arable 1 0 26
1533/34 Five Lords Wood Pasture 8 2 23
1535 Five Lords Ground Arable 11 0 32
1536 Five Lords Allotment Pasture 6 0 28
1537 Allotment Arable 2 3 2

1841 Census - Chapelry of Dilton, Parish of Westbury: ref: HO 107/1188

Place Names Age and Sex Trade Where born
male female same county foreign parts
Five Lord Farm Thomas Jackson 60     Y  
  Ann Jackson   62   Y  
  Jacob Jackson 20     Y  
  George Jackson 18     Y  
  Ann Jackson   15   Y  

1851 Census - Ecclesiastical District of Dilton Marsh, Parish of Westbury: ref: HO 107/1841 F. 257

Place Names Relation to head Condition Age of Trade Where Born
males females
Standerwick, Five Lords Farm Ann Jackson head Widow   71 Farmer of round 60 acres Wilts, Westbury
  James Jackson son Married 45   farmer's son Wilts, Westbury
  Hannah Doughty daughter Married   40   Wilts, Dilton Marsh
  Eliza Hunt grand daughter     11   Wilts, Dilton Marsh
  Eliza Doughty grand daughter     1   Middlesex, Marylebone

Ann Jackson died at Five Lords farm on the 27th November 1858, the cause of death was given as influenza.

1861 Census - Ecclesiastical District of Diltons Marsh, Parish of Westbury: ref: RG 9/1302 F.13 P.7

Place Names Relation to head Condition Age of Trade Where Born
males females
Diltons Marsh * George Jackson head married 38   Farmer of 63 acres, employing 1 man, 1 boy Wilts, Westbury
  Charlotte Jackson wife married   39   Middx, St Pancras
  Elizabeth Jackson daughter     7 Scholar Wilts, Westbury
  Oliver Jackson son   6   Scholar Wilts, Westbury
  Sarah Jackson daughter     7 months   Wilts, Westbury
  Mary Young servant unmarried   20 Dairy maid Wilts, Westbury

* Five Lords Farm is not mentioned in the 1861 census place name, but the amount of land and area are correct, also there is no mention of anyone else farming the land at this time. James Jackson, the son mentioned in the 1851 census is now living with his wife down the road at Stormore.

Kelly's Directory: Dilton Marsh 1880:
JACKSON, Joseph George, farmer, Five Lords Farm

Kelly's Directory: Dilton Marsh 1898:
JONES, Elias, Five Lords Farm

Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire 1903:
JONES, Elias, farmer, Five Lords Farm

National Farm Survey: Dilton Marsh ref: MAF32 35 317
Five Lords Farm: Recorded 17/5/1943
Owned by P.J. JONES
Address: Five Lords Farm, Standerwick, Frome
Classified A
Held farm for 37 years

Five Lords Farm

There is more information on the JACKSON and related families here.


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